October 1, 2020       Our lab is awarded a research grant by the US EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) to conduct research on alternate flushing and cleaning technologies for minimizing oil downgrade in petrochemicals and automotive industries.

September 1, 2020        Jake Stengel joins the group as M.S. Student. He rejoins the lab after working as an undergraduate for the past 2 years. Welcome!

August 17-21, 2020    Dr. Kirti Yenkie will be presenting the collaborative research on Systematic Synthesis of Wastewater Treatment Networks using the P-graph Approach at the 2020 AIChE Virtual Spring Meeting and 16th GCPS in the Water & Wastewater Management in Petroleum and Chemical Process Industries III session 

August 12-14, 2020    Swapana S. Jerpoth will be presenting her research on the Optimal Selection of Ions for Perovskite Solar Cell Synthesis Through a Computational Approach at the  Solar Energy Systems Conference’20 (Virtual) under Process, Systems and Materials Modeling session.

August 3-5, 2020    Emmanuel Aboagye will be presenting his research on the systematic design of solvent recovery pathways: integrating economics and environmental metrics at the International Congress on Sustainability Science & Engineering (ICOSSE, Virtual) under the modeling and simulation session.

June 15-19, 2020        John Chea and Dr. Yenkie were invited to present talks at the 24th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference. Virtual Symposium titled: Toward Systematic Design of Sustainable Separation Processes
1) Separation network synthesis: New methods for new problems – Kirti M. Yenkie
2) Systematic design and life-cycle analysis for synthesis of solvent recovery framework – John D. Chea

May, 2020        Chemical Engineering Department Awards – Congratulations to the following lab members for their outstanding achievements within the chemical engineering department:
1) Casey Wagner: Clarence Slater Award for Excellence in Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Studies.
2) John Chea: William L. Maxwell Graduate Scholarship.
3) ExxonMobil Clinic Team – Marissa Martine, Gabrielle Moskalow, Casey Wagner, Spencer Verdoni and Swapana Jerpoth(Optimization of Pipeline Flushing Operations for the ExxonMobil Lubricants and Oil Blending Plant): ChE Clinic Award
4) Solvent Recovery Clinic Team – Jake Stengel, Austin Lehr, John D. Chea and Emmanuel Aboagye (Solvent Recovery Roadmap): Chemical Engineering Research Award

March 31, 2020             Dr. Yenkie has presented at Building Sustainable Organizations: Through an Emphasis on Professional Development, hosted by the EPA Region 2’s Pollution Prevention Section

March 22-26, 2020     Several members of the research group have submitted their presentations to the ACS Spring 2020 National Meeting and Exposition SciMeeting platform. The content can be accessed at the following links:
Oral Presentations:
1) Synthesis and systematic evaluation of solvent recovery pathways – John D. Chea
2) Synthesis of Cost Effective and Sustainable Pathways to Wastewater Treatment – Emmanuel A. Aboagye
3) Synthesis of Cost-Effective Perovskite Crystals-An Emerging Attractive Alternative to Silicon Solar Cells – Swapana J. Jerpoth
4) Modeling Chromate Removal Using Ion Exchangers in Drinking Water Applications – Fred Ghanem

January 10, 2020         Dr. Yenkie was invited for a Seminar at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay


January 7,2020 Dr. Yenkie delivered a talk in the Chemical Engineering Department at MNIT Jaipur.

January 1,2020         Dr. Yenkie is elected to serve as a Director (two-year term) for the AIChE’s Environmental Division

November 10-15, 2019     Various members of the research group have presented at 2019 Annual AIChE Meeting in Orlando, FL, USA.
Oral Presentations:
1) Generation of Wastewater Treatment Networks: Integrating Process Efficiency, Economics, and Sustainability- Kirti M. Yenkie
2) Enhancement of Chemical Engineering Education through Design Thinking: Integration of Theory and Cyber-Assisted Methods – Kirti M. Yenkie
3) Data Analytics and Optimization for Minimization of Chemotherapeutic Toxicity – Kirti M. Yenkie
Poster Presentations:
1) Application of Machine Learning Methods to Improve Leukemia Diagnostics – Hailey Lynch
2) Evaluation of Solvent Recovery Options for Economic Feasibility through a Superstructure-Based Framework – Jake Stengel, Austin Lehr
3) Systematic Synthesis of Wastewater Treatment Networks Using the P-Graph Approach – Kirti M. Yenkie

Austin Lehr and Jake Stengel’s effort has earned them 3rd place in Computing and Process Control (Undergraduate Poster) and very ranked among top 5 among 149 participants in the Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) poster session.

November 7, 2019     John Chea has successfully passed his Qualifying Exam. The title of the proposal is “Strategically Promoting Sustainability through Extraction and Solvent Recovery Optimization”. The thesis proposal committee is composed of Dr. Heriberto Cabezas, Dr. C. Stewart Slater, Dr. Joseph F. Stanzione, III, and Dr. Kirti M. Yenkie. 

October 15-18, 2019     Dr. Yenkie and Dr. Savelski gave two talks at the 19th ERSCP (European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production) in UPC, Barcelona, Spain. 

September 2019 Rowan University will collaborate with ExxonMobil Lubricants Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), based in Paulsboro, NJ, to optimize pipeline flushing operations.

September 1, 2019        Swapana Jerpoth and Emmanuel Aboagye Apau join the group as PhD Students. Welcome!

August 5 – 10, 2019       Dr. Yenkie presented the work on application of machine learning for enhanced biomarker based leukemia diagnostics at the 1st Foundations of Process Analytics and Machine Learning Conference (FOPAM-2019), Raleigh, North Carolina


July 19 – 20, 2019       Dr. Yenkie is selected as one of the twenty outstanding young faculty by the CACHE committee to present at their 50th-anniversary meeting in Breckenridge Colorado.

FOCAPD 2019 poster presentation

July 14– 18, 2019       John Chea presented his work on developing a systematic framework for solvent recovery at the 9th Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design Conference (FOCAPD 2019), Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado and is a recipient of the FOCAPD Young Researcher Travel Award.


June 19, 2019       Our lab establishes additional collaborations with Professor Sven Geissen from Technical University of Berlin. His expertise in Water and Wastewater Treatment technologies will be valuable to our Water-Energy related projects.

June 16 – 19, 2019       Dr. Yenkie presented our research at the 29th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE), Eindhoven, Netherlands on “Generating Efficiency Wastewater Treatment Networks“. A 6-page conference proceeding was also published, following this poster presentation.


June 11 – 13, 2019       Dr. Yenkie presented our research at the 23rd Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference and 9th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Reston, VA, on “Framework for Solvent Recovery, Reuse, and Recycling in Industries“.

April 5-6, 2019        Our lab members presented their research at the Mid-Atlantic Student Regional Conference at Penn State University, State College, PA
Oral Presentations:
1) Design and Optimization of Efficient Wastewater Treatment Networks – Sean Burnham
2) Solvent Recovery Roadmap for Industries – Vanessa Pierce
3) Prediction of Optimal Chemotherapy dosing: Balancing tumor degradation and toxicity effects – Alex D’Aloia

Poster Presentations:
1) Optimization of IBS Diagnostics/Treatment – Anthony Pace and Hannah Work
2) A Case Study for DME Recovery – Maxim Russ and Jake Stengel
3) Optimization in Cancer Therapeutics – Eric Purcell and Matthew Razze

January 22, 2019    Fred Ghanem joins the group as a Ph.D. student. Welcome!

December 5-7, 2018     Our lab members presented their research at the Sustainable Packaging Symposium, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ


1. Design and Optimization for Generation of Efficient Wastewater Treatment Networks – Sean Burnham
2. Framework for Solvent Recovery, Reuse, and Recycling in industries – Amanda Christon and Julia Reilly
3. Poster: Effective Design of Wastewater Treatment Systems under Regional Limitations and Influences – Amanda McCahill, Gabrielle Moskalow, Zachary Lubelski and Rohan Zia

November 7, 2018     John Chea joins the group as a Ph.D. student. Welcome!

UN-SDG Workshop

November 1-2, 2018     Dr. Yenkie attended the workshop on Technical & Engineering Challenges of Addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


October 29, 2018     Our lab members presented their research at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA

1. (97a) Prediction of Optimal Chemotherapy Dosing Regimens: Balancing Tumor Degradation and Toxicity Effects. Ian Dunn
2. Design and Optimization for Generation of Efficient Wastewater Treatment Networks. Sean Burnham
3. (182o) Optimization in Cancer Therapeutics: Model Integration for Tumor Dynamics and Myelosuppression to Predict Chemotherapy Dosing Profiles.  Kirti Yenkie


October 1, 2018       Our lab is awarded a research grant by the US EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) to conduct research on solvent recovery, reuse, and recycling in industrial processes.

NMPC Image

Aug 19-22, 2018 Ian C. Dunn and Dr. Yenkie’s work presented in a technical poster session at the IFAC’s Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) Conference in Madison, WI.


Aug 12-15, 2018 Dr. Yenkie delivered a talk at the ICOSSE (International Congress on Sustainability Science and Engineering), 2018 in Cincinnati, OH.


Aug 6-9, 2018 Dr. Yenkie attended the Chemours Process Safety Workshop for Faculty at Fayetteville, NC.

The Process Safety workshop was offered by the members of the Chemours Company and the AIChE’s CCPS (Center for Process Safety) division to faculty members to include process safety in engineering courses and overall curriculum.

Aug 1-3, 2018 Dr. Yenkie attended the NETI-1 (National Effective Teaching Institute) workshop offered by the ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education)

July 1-4, 2018 Dr. Yenkie visited the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest, Hungary for an invited talk and research collaboration

Dr. Yenkie is collaborating with Dr. Ferenc Friedler and Dr. Heriberto Cabezas for the research on design of efficient wastewater treatment networks using superstructure optimization and P-graph networks approach

June 22-23, 2018 Dr. Yenkie’s team won the Inspira HealthHack Competition


Dr. Yenkie’s team was one of the three winners in the competition that took place at South Jersey Tech Park, NJ. This was the first ever Health Hackathon organized by Inspira Healthcare and Rowan University which had ~60 participants. We had 24 hours to form interdisciplinary teams and work on a research idea and present it to a Panel of Judges with expertise in Biotech/Pharma, Business Outreach, Public Relations and Entrepreneurship. In our team, we had members from Cooper Medical School (Sangita Phadtare and Joshua DeSipio), Inspira (Sarah Graham), and Rowan’s Department of Management (Manuel Pontes) and Chemical Engineering (Kirti Yenkie).

June 19, 2018    Dr. Kirti M. Yenkie to deliver a PDH Seminar for the AIChE-DVS (Delaware Valley Section)

June 1, 2018       Our lab receives the 2018 Rowan University Seed Funding Award

This project is aimed at understanding chemotherapeutic cardiotoxicity in patients undergoing cancer treatment using a systems engineering approach. The concerns regarding the inferior quality of life and premature mortality in treated patients can be addressed with personalized treatment and long-term patient management strategies. Systems engineering methods such as data analysis, physiological modeling of cancer proliferation, tumor degradation, drug efficacy and cardiotoxic effects, machine learning for biomarker identification, and optimization for personalized treatment and palliative care can act as guidelines for medical practitioners to monitor cardiotoxicity and treat patients effectively.

Image_AIChE_Regional Conference

April 7, 2018       Ian Dunn, from our lab wins first prize in the paper presentation competition at the AIChE’s Mid-Atlantic Student Regional Conference at Princeton University, NJ for his work on ‘Optimization in Cancer Chemotherapy Regimens’

Rowan students win the first (Ian Dunn) and second (Kayla Sweet) prize in paper presentation competition at the AIChE’s Mid-Atlantic Student Regional Conference at Princeton University, NJ

April 6-7, 2018    Our students Ian Dunn, James Dailey and Sean Burnham presented their work at the AIChE’s Mid-Atlantic Student Regional Conference at Princeton University, NJ

April 4, 2018    Our students Sean Burnham and James Dailey presented their work at the ISPE New Jersey Chapter’s Student Poster Competition held at Bristol-Myers Squibb in New Brunswick, NJ

January 9-10, 2018       Dr. Yenkie gave a seminar at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (V.N.I.T.) and Laxminarayan Institute of Technology in Nagpur, India


November 14, 2017   American Institute of Chemical Engineers – Delaware Valley Section (AIChE-DVS) Student Poster Symposium at FMC Technologies, Philadelphia, PA

Our students presented posters at the Symposium: Sommer Vandergrift, Ian Dunn, and Matthew Schwenger, James Dailey, and Chaun Giddings.